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Our “Five Star” Plans will Make you SMILE!

Dental expenses can be some of the highest expenses one can incur due to a poor medical plan. It is bad enough having dental work done, let alone having to pay the majority of the bill. Our coverage will provide high quality dental insurance that will help offset some dental care costs.

  • Security Life Individual Dental :  Click Here
  • IHC Dental: Click Here
  • HII (Health Insurance Innovations) – 2 Different Carriers available!!
    1. Foundation Dental – Offering the option of 3 different plans!! CLICK HERE for rates and online enrollment.
    2. USA + Dental– A dental program with 3 dental plans available. CLICK HERE for rates and online enrollment

What Dental Plan is Right for You?

Caring for your teeth and gums is part of creating overall health. Dental insurance may help with the cost of oral healthcare, including preventive services and procedures important to maintaining wellness.

Pick a network plan, or not

  • Choose a PPO network plan with access to more than 130,000 providers nationwide that may save you money (not available in all states)
  • Choose an indemnity plan and use the provider of your choice

Decide how much coverage you need

  • Coverage for a range of services, from cleanings and fluoride treatments to root canals and oral surgery, depending on the plan selected

Bundle vision with dental for more protection

  • Bundle dental and vision insurance together in one seamless plan (not available in all states)

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Also Available by Area

Discount Dental Program available for low monthly premium

Dental Savings

The DenteMax Network
This discount card utilizes the DenteMax Network. With the DenteMax network of dentists, members can enjoy saving from 20% to 50% on most dental procedures with access to over 156,000 credentialed dental access points including a complete specialty network. DenteMax has been proudly delivering a quality dental network for over 28 years

The DenteMax Network Features:
  • Save 20% to 50% on most dental care procedures: check-ups, cleanings, fillings, root canals and more
  • Orthodontics, Teeth Whitening, Cosmetic Dentistry, Oral Surgery and Children’s Specialists included
  • High-quality, credentialed dentists


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